Product photography

Product photography

Quality images increase sales. Detailed, informative and clear photos of your goods attract the attention, inspire trust and confidence in customers and they buy.

I have extensive experience in the stock photography.

For years, publish and sell images in known and reputable American, Canadian and European stock requirements. I have a clear vision for the production of various commodities in the best way. Shoot several exclusive online store.

Factors that the highest degree of influence in the price of the product photography are:

number of products
number of photos for each product
the physical dimensions of the products
I provide:

quality pictures of the product
preserving the texture and the natural shades of product
Web-optimized image @ 72 dpi
uniform white background (or other background)
watermark with your logo or other info

Contact me, I will shoot some of your free product, then you can decide whether to trust me.